Richard Dooley


Hi there. My name is Richard Dooley and I am a web and database programmer.

Work and Education

Since 2013, I have been employed by the University of Nottingham to develop and maintain dynamic websites and databases to assist in the collection and analysis of data for clinical trials. Until 2020 I was working as part of the Stroke research group, since then I have been working as part of the Clinical Trials Unit.

These roles have involved the routine maintenance of data entry forms and the corresponding database as required to comply with evolving trial, clinical and regulatory requirements. Data is generally submitted to the system through the data entry forms on the trial website.

Prior to these roles, I obtained a Computer Science degree, also from the University of Nottingham.


Bell-ringing is my main hobby. I'm usually bell-ringing at least three times a week (provided there isn't a pandemic on).

I am proficient at ringing Plain Bob and Grandsire on any number of bells. Additionally I am capable of calling touches of Plain Bob Doubles and Minor, and of Grandsire Doubles. I can ring plain courses and touches of Single Oxford Bob (Minor and Triples), Oxford Treble Bob (Minor), Cambridge Surprise (Minor and Major), and Norwich Surprise (Minor). I can ring plain courses and touches of Stedman Doubles and Triples, and I am capable of calling touches of Stedman Doubles.

At St Leonard's Church, Wollaton I have held the positions of Ringing Master (since October 2011) and Wedding Secretary (since January 2010).

See the list of peals and quarters I have rung on the Ringing World's bellboard website.